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Buying and selling secondhand | Updated: 2:15:33 PM, Tuesday August 16, 2011
By Bill Lawford Buying and selling secondhand

Investing a little time into thinking about what you need and where to buy it can lead to big savings.

How often have you thought ‘I need to visit the tip’, or piled stuff onto your nature strip for hard-rubbish collection? Our attics and garages are full of what we no longer want, but we rarely stop to think that same stuff may be other people’s gold. Sure, some things are just plain broken and can’t be fixed, but too often we’re throwing away perfectly good possessions purely because we’ve got the next model up, or it’s become of no use …to us.

Those outdated video games, grown-out-of clothes and redundant pieces of furniture you’re throwing away are somebody else’s treasures. And there’s a big market out there of people who want to pay good money for your unwanted goods.

Conversely, next time you’re thinking of hitting the local shopping mall or searching online for ‘best retail price’, ask yourself whether somebody may be getting rid of what you want. Aside from junk shops and garage sales, obviously the internet now offers an extremely efficient way of very quickly finding buyers and sellers of second-hand goods. This makes markets so much bigger.

Whilst shoppers once had to trawl for hours though market stalls and classifieds ads to find that classic piece of vinyl or antique, now a simple online search will bring up precise results for what the shopper’s looking for. Filter by area, price, condition, vintage, etc, and you have the most vast and thriving market place the planet has ever known.

Make no mistake, this is not just a cute and convenient way of saving money – individual traders that started off selling goods out of their garage via eBay are now turning over millions of dollars a year. Maybe it’s time you had another look through your attic or garage…

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