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Daily tips for saving money – from little things big things grow | Updated: 12:12:21 AM, Thursday April 12, 2012
By Bill Lawford Daily tips for saving money - from little things big things grow

Making a few simple changes to daily life could amount to big savings in the long-term.

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As we strive to end up with more in our bank accounts each year, be it by getting that pay rise or paying less than retail for that shiny new car, we tend to forget there’s ‘gold to be found’ right before our eyes. If only we would take the time to ask ourselves a few quick questions…

  • How many coffees or teas do you buy each day? Could you skip one?
  • Could you take lunch into work with you, even if it’s just taking leftovers in?
  • Next time you’re planning on meeting friends at a bar or a restaurant, how about dinner or drinks at your place (or, even better, theirs) instead?
  • Do you do all your grocery shopping at the supermarket? Any chance you could go to the market or a wholesaler for some of it?
  • When you need a new toaster or CD player where do you shop? How about checking for best prices on the internet or even your local op-shop?
  • When’s the last time you checked what your utilities providers are charging? Ring some alternative gas, electricity and internet-service providers and ask what they would have charged you on your last bill.

If you can answer yes to five of the six questions above, chances are you could be saving yourself between five and six-thousand dollars a year! Do the math and you’ll soon see that some of the smallest, ‘habit’ costs add up to big savings each year.

The first trick is to analyse what you could be doing cheaper or skipping altogether. Most times you’ll find that if it means five grand extra in the bank at the end of the year, you’re not as addicted to coffee as you thought.

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