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BigPond Money content is unmetered for most BigPond Broadband Members. This means most BigPond Broadband Members can access and view all BigPond Money and video without affecting their monthly usage total (wireless hourly plans and satellite members excluded).

BigPond Money and Video
BigPond Money video content is viewed via the BigPond Money embedded media player. Simply click the ‘Play’ button on the media player in the BigPond Money site to access the video content.

Displaying video via BigPond Money requires a certain bandwidth from your internet connection and processing power from your PC. 

What you need

  • BigPond Broadband – The minimum recommended plan is 512kbps. BigPond Broadband customers who are on the 256kbps plan can still use video but we don’t recommend it as the experience will not be optimal.
  • PC Computer – 1GHz computer with an accelerated video card and 512MB to 1GB of RAM (depending on operating system). A Windows Operating System. The BigPond News site has been designed to work with Windows XP and Vista.
  • Screen Resolution – The BigPond Money site is designed to run at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.
  • Web Browsers – Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Safari 2.
  • Media Player – WMP 9 or later


Who can access the audio / video content on the site?
All BigPond Money users should be able watch the video content. This content is unmetered for BigPond Broadband Cable, ADSL, wireless MB plan and ISDN members, but not for BigPond Broadband Satellite or wireless hourly plan members.

Why isn’t video picture quality the same as on TV?
Internet bandwidth is an important part of video streaming delivery and playback. We have made our videos available in two formats: 180kbps and 1Mb/sec. Bandwidth requirements for 180kbps videos are such that it reduces the quality of the images and sound when compared to television broadcast quality. The quality of video streaming through a 256kbps connection may therefore be less than optimal, whereas the quality through a higher speed broadband connection will be greatly increased.

I’m viewing BigPond Money video content from overseas – are there any known streaming quality issues?
Many factors can affect the viewing quality of audio and video streaming. For example:

  • The user’s computer and its ability to playback audio and video content – from processing power and graphics cards to quality of speaker and, modem and so on.
  • The ISP (Internet Service Provider) of the user
  • Some overseas users may come through to the BigPond Money streaming server via many relay stations, or ‘hops’. The video playback quality could be affected by this.
  • Connection speed of the user (this is not guaranteed by ISPs)

Why do ads play when I click on a video?
When you click on a video on BigPond Money an ad may play before the video you selected. The ad will play and then re-buffer to play the video. Please see system requirements to play all video.


How can I get support with the BigPond Money website?
If you are experiencing difficulties with viewing content on the BigPond Money website, assistance can be obtained by contacting BigPond technical support  on one of the numbers below  or go to Help, in the top navigation then choose the Technical Support option:

  • Domestic callers – 133 933
  • International callers – 612 9242 0275 

What is BigPond Mobile Services?
BigPond Mobile Services (formerly known as WAP and Telstra Active) brings you a world of content specially formatted for use on your Telstra Video Mobile (3G and Next G™) and on other WAP capable phones. If you have a Telstra Video Mobile (3G and Next G™) phone, it allows you to access exciting new content and video clips, including the latest in news, sport, music, games and entertainment.

*3G vieo and audio services are only available in 3G and Next G coverage areas which  are in selected areas of most capital cities. To find out more about BigPond Money mobile services click here.

What is “GSM”?
GSM stands for ‘Global System for Mobiles’, which is a digital technology for cellular phones.

What is 3G or 3GSM?
3rd Generation wireless data technology that allows enhanced multimedia, like video and audio, to be delivered to your compatible handset in 3G coverage areas.

What is the Next G™ network?The Next G™ network is Australia’s fastest national wireless network. The Next G™ network allows Telstra and BigPond to provide services such as Mobile FOXTEL, video calling, wireless broadband and music downloads. 

What do BigPond Mobile Services offer me?
Watch hourly video news bulletins, video sports wraps, video news articles and other video feature content.
* 3G video and audio services only available in 3G & Next G™ coverage areas which are in selected areas of most capital cities. To find out more about BigPond Mobile services click here 


What is RSS?
RSS provides an alternative means of accessing the vast amount of information that now exists on the internet, saving you the time of browsing through ever-growing information.

How does RSS work?
Web feeds provide news content or summaries of news content together with links to the full versions of the content. RSS in particular, delivers this information as an XML file called an RSS feed, webfeed, RSS stream, or RSS channel.

In addition to facilitating syndication, web feeds allow a website’s frequent readers to track updates on the site and get the latest news and information.

What do I need to get RSS?
To subscribe to it, you’ll need a News Reader or other similar device. For more information please see the RSS page. 


What do ‘broadband’ & ’narrowband’ refer to?
Broadband refers to a range of technologies in which a wide band of frequencies are used to transmit information (in contrast with narrowband telecommunication, where information is carried in a narrowband of frequencies). The term ‘broadband services’, is generally used to describe a range of services and technologies that provide high-speed data connections. Broadband offers customers an ‘always on’* dedicated digital service, that is principally used for fast internet access at this stage. Broadband services and technologies are often defined in terms of a capability to transfer information including text, sound and video/graphics, at a higher rate than narrowband services.

*BigPond offers the following broadband services:

  • ADSL: 256kbps, 1.5Mbps, ADSL2+ 
  • Wireless broadband
  • Cable up to 8Mbps, Cable Extreme
  • Satellite: 256kbps, 512kbps, 800kbps  Note: Satellite downloads are metered

*BigPond offers the following narrowband services:

  • Dial-up
  • ISDN

*Subject to network faults, outages and routine maintenance.

What does ‘streaming’ refer to?
Streaming refers to online audio and video playback. Instead of downloading audio and/or video content entirely before being able to see or hear it, streaming allows the user to see and/or hear it as it is downloaded, using real-time buffering. Video on BigPond News is not available for download it’s only available via streaming.

Below are some recommendations to help you access the BigPond Money video content. These solutions have worked for customers with guidance from BigPond staff. We recommend you try the following and if the issues continue please contact Telstra directly. 

Video not playing correctly / Video not buffering or Video quality not good.

  • Close the browser window then re-open page
  • With the browser window open press Ctrl F5 (Refresh) 
  • Clear cookies and cache through your browser. (IE 6 instructions below:)
  • Select ‘Tools’, then ‘Internet Options’ and click on ‘Delete Cookies’
  • Reduce security settings through browser (IE 6 instructions below:)
  • Select ‘Tools’, then ‘Internet Options’ and ‘Security’ tab, ‘Custom level’, reset custom settings to Medium and click ’Reset’) Please ensure you have the correct system requirements (See BigPond TV Guide Help)
  • Start Windows Media Player through your Start Menu > Programs.
  • When the Media Player window is launched, look up the top for ’Tools’ (if Tools is not there look to the top right or left of  the toolbar, where it has a little arrows, click this to display the tool bar), then Select ‘Options’
  • For WMP V9 and 10 select the Network tab and deselect the UDP option to only enable the Multicast, TCP & HTTP protocols
  • Click on Apply, then ok
  • Close application down then try content again
  • You may need to disable any security application, e.g. Norton Security, etc


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