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Green household poll, it’s all about the money | Updated: 12:24:06 PM, Wednesday December 14, 2011
By Green household poll, it

With the carbon tax recently getting the green light, it seems the nation cares less about being green around the home than saving money.

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With the carbon tax recently getting the green light, does the nation really care about being green around the home? recently conducted a survey of over 300 Australians to discover just how Green our households are and if green issues are affecting the ‘buying decision’.

Is energy efficiency high on the list of things home buyers look for?

The survey found 41% believe energy efficiency is a very important consideration when buying a new home and a further 44% felt it was somewhat important. However if you are a potential vendor, don’t go out and improve your home’s energy efficiency just yet to make your property more appealing.

Whilst energy efficiency is important, the survey also found when compared to other important considerations like price, location and proximity to amenities, it was the least important of all factors potential buyers are weighing up.

What investments are Australian’s making in and around the home to make it more energy and water efficient?

It seems escalating electricity bills are having an impact on how we are consuming electricity and thus Australians are looking at ways to reduce their usage. The survey found 84% of respondents have made one or more changes to their home to make it more energy efficient, with 72.2% installing energy efficient light globes / fittings, 33.8% sealing windows and floors, 22.4% installing new insulation and 10.3% installing solar hot water heating.

Not only however are households adapting to become more energy efficient. With recent water restrictions and spiralling water bills, Australians are also becoming quite conscious of water consumption in and around the home. The survey found that 47.7% of home owners now recycle water.

Thus even though water restrictions have recently eased in most parts of the country, it is encouraging to see that good habits have remained in Australian households. In addition, a further 35.3% of Australians have re-landscaped their gardens to include plants which do not require a lot of water to adapt to water restrictions.

Are water restrictions having an impact on buyers’ decisions?

Although water restrictions have made us more conservative in our usage in or around the home – are water restrictions impacting our decisions to buy property? The survey found of those who have recently bought a property (112 respondents), only 15% did not purchase due to water restrictions.

The survey found 4.4% did not purchase a property because it had a pool and water restrictions would impact their ability to fill it, whilst a further 10.7% didn’t buy a property on the basis that water restrictions would make maintaining the garden difficult.

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