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Grocery unit pricing is the key to savings | Updated: 5:50:35 PM, Tuesday September 04, 2012
By Savings Guide Grocery unit pricing is the key to savings

Unit pricing allows you to compare the value of products of varying size and brands i.e. per litre, kilo or cost per sheet. Use it and you could save big.
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Saving money on groceries seems to get harder and harder. You can spend hours in the supermarket trying to find the best value for money, alternative no name brands and items that are on special.

Though a simply way of saving money is by using the grocery unit pricing that is found in all major supermarkets. May sound like a bit of a no brainer, but let me explain for you.

The grocery unit pricing gives you a cost per litre (fluids), per sheet (toilet paper), per kg (meat and more) and lets you understand whether the product is of value or not.

This means that on the price tags in the supermarkets, often located in the bottom left or right corner you will find the grocery unit pricing calculation.

Consumer, meet your new best friend.

For example, with unit pricing you don’t have to make complicated calculations to work out which is better value: a 2.5 litre container of laundry detergent costing $7.62 or a 1.5 litre container costing $5.74.


Some people live by this calculation while many others let the marketing teams of supermarkets dictate their next value purchase.

The trick to grocery unit pricing

The one small tip I can give you on grocery unit pricing is that value is often only perceived in quantity. E.g. “how much meat can I get for this amount of money?” The true saving money addicts out there know that the volume isn’t always the best way to shop.

It does provide more quantity for your money, though sometimes comes at the sacrifice of quality or longevity of the product.

Try and find a product that not only offers value for money but value for expected shelf life. No point buying the cheapest meat if it goes off tomorrow and you aren’t eating it until the following week.

It’s like buying a fake polo shirt, may look the part but once you put that sucker in the washing machine it will halve in size and lose its colour.

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