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  • How the collapse is coming and Goldman Sachs rules the world How the collapse is coming and Goldman Sachs rules the world

    Prankster or sage, Alessio Rastani certainly spoke his mind about the “coming collapse” and how Goldman Sachs rules the world.

  • Global debt party! Global debt party!

    It would seem we’re nearly at the end of possibly the biggest party since Woodstock. But for the Monster Global Debt Party it’s close to 3am and a nasty hangover is just about to kick in.

  • Petrol price rip off Petrol price rip off

    Ever wondered why petrol is so expensive and fluctuates in price so often? We examine the real reasons behind pump prices.

  • Do you feel like you have more to spend? Do you feel like you have more to spend?

    Contrary to popular myth, Australian households have more disposable income than ever before, but what will this do to house prices?

  • Australia's competitive slip up Australia’s competitive slip up

    As other nations reap the benefit of reform, Australia’s ranking in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report drops from 16th to 20th place.

  • A surplus of political stupidity A surplus of political stupidity

    Given the global downturn, it would be prudent for the government to delay its carbon tax and budget surplus promises. Unfortunately, in politics you get sacked for being sensible.

  • The carbon tax explained The carbon tax explained

    We look at the key elements of the just announced carbon tax, from who wins to who loses.

  • The buyers are coming The buyers are coming

    The net effect of a Greek bailout and the end of QE2 on local markets is anyone’s guess. But within 12 months, cash that’s been sidelined for two years will flood back into Aussie assets.

  • The Catch-22 of carbon pricing The Catch-22 of carbon pricing

    Setting a carbon pricing level too low will potentially cause significant disruption to energy supply, while setting it too high will be damaging to industry and the economy.

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