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Zimbra eMail A Highly Advanced Alternative To Outlook

Outlook exchange is the industry standard for professional email, but it is not the only service to offer a fully featured rich business email system. Zimbra is an email exchange server system like outlook exchange. It is favoured by most tech 500 companies as a better alternative to Outlook exchange and we would have to agree. Zimbra offers a great exchange server integration much like outlook exchange, offering calendar and contact syncing.  However it also has a very business focused webmail system with highly advanced services which will make all the difference when trying to improve efficiency.

Best Outlook Alternative Webmail Interface

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Australian Property Investment

Is the Australian property investment market’s bubble about to burst? Many think the property market is about to go through some very hard times with an expect 40% drop in prices looming. The question is what will happen to all the property investment companies who are heavily leverage banking on a market with no down turn. Not to mention all the stretched property owners who have had to borrow excessively to get in at the top of the property market cycle. Furthermore budding property moguls have over extend themselves banking on ever increasing prices. All these people will be in grave financial difficulty if the market turns even 5% let alone an expected 40%. These Revelations come on the back of news from the United Kingdom property market expecting a 40% plus drop. Also news that Australia is number two in the world for being heavily in debtor-ed

Source information from Zeno Property Investments in Queensland,

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