August 3, 2020


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Greys Avenue Investments – Aaron Coupe’s Auckland Business Man

Breaking New Ground With Aaron Coupe

Mr Aaron Coupe is a well known and respected property investor in Auckland. He was a co-founder of New Zealand Mint and has a long success career as an entrepreneur. Kiwi born Auckland Business man has humble beginnings in the New Zealand business world starting as an apprentice builder with Fletcher Construction, then moving to Harbour Construction co-founding NZ Mint and continuing on to his current construction and investment company Greys Avenue Investments Limited.

The History Of Greys Avenue Investments

Aaron Peter Coupe was co-founder of one of the only privately-owned mint in Auckland New Zealand. Now he is a real estate market entrepreneur Hotelier and property construction developer operating throughout New Zealand.

Aaron a Family Man and Enthusiast

Residing in Karaka, Auckland with his wife and two children. This Auckland Business man who owns a few office buildings enjoys an eclectic mix of hobbies. Auckland has a great variety of things to do which Aaron and his family indulge in. Mr A. Coupe can be found on any weekend enjoying local diving and fishing spots with his family and friends. He has a passion for local heritage architecture which is apparent from his property developments. Like many an Aucklander, He is an enthusiast of the automotive sphere with a focus on Land Rovers particular the classic defender coupe four wheel drive.

Greys Avenue Investments - Aaron Coupe's Auckland Business Man
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Greys Avenue Investments - Aaron Coupe's Auckland Business Man
About Auckland Business Man Aaron Peter Coupe
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