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by Jacob Blanca

Gold coast SEO services helps companies get their brand and website known.  We work with clients to get your website noticed in the search engines and ranking at the top.  This is important as most people searching don’t ever leave the first page. Harnessing those people means that you will need someone that help you get found.  And, that’s what we do.

First, we need to start with website design.  If you already have a website and want us to take a look at it, we would be happy to run a quick SEO audit and see what we come up with.  If you are looking to get brand new website design, well, we can help with that as well. We make our website designs based around On SEO page.   

Our websites will have some key components that will help it rank such as great content, interlinking, and schema to name a few.  These are all called On-Page SEO and are important when building websites. Not all designers know about all the various components that go into a design.  Web designers are usually more worried about the look of the site and less worried about it’s ranking factors. However, you can build an amazing and gorgeous site, but if you don’t get any traffic or leads, what the point?

We offer website design as well as Gold Coast SEO services that work with your website and brand.  We want to not only build your website but get it ranking and your phone ringing. Our goal is getting you more leads and sales.

SEO Services for the Gold Coast

SEO has been around as long as the search engines and it’s always changing and evolving.  That’s why it’s important to get the right company to work with when marketing your SEO services.  You, as a business owner, don’t have the time or knowledge to get your site ranking, however, we do.  We offer unique strategies that actually work and get our clients ranking high in the search engines as well as the maps.

Maps is another completely different area that many people love to harness.  It can be a very powerful position to be in. If you think about it, the map area is typically at the very top of Google, which covers the entire screen of the phone.  Having a good map listing with some amazing reviews certainly helps with getting people to trust you and your brand. 

So, when you are finishing up the work that you are doing for your clients, ask them to kindly leave a review.  Even a simple e-mail with a link to make it so easy they can’t say no. These reviews don’t necessarily help with ranking but they certainly help with trust.

Gaining trust and authority is important in today’s search engine algorithms.  Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and heavy backlinking. We are now in days where content is king and building your brand and authority are some of the most important pieces for ranking.